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Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Linux anything is equivalent to windows registry?

I saw the questions in many Linux forums

The RPM package information stored in the below location

[root@hostrpm]# ls
Basenames     __db.000  __db.002  Dirnames  Group       Name      Providename     Pubkeys      Requireversion  Sigmd5
Conflictname  __db.001  __db.003  Filemd5s  Installtid  Packages  Provideversion  Requirename  Sha1header      Triggername

It uses Berkeley DB as its back-end. It consists of a single database (Packages) containing all of the meta information of the installed rpms.
The RPM database is used to keep track of all files that are changed and created when a user installs a package. If the database gets corrupted, the index databases can be recreated with the rpm --rebuilddb command.

If you issues the rpm- qa ( query ) command then, it will read from the DB and list out the package names.

If you delete the installation directory directly, it won’t delete the record from the RPM DB. For that you need to execute the rpm –ivh (uninstall ) command , otherwise you can’t install the same package.